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A description of the Central Otago Heritage Trust and its goals.

About the Central Otago Heritage Trust

The Central Otago Heritage Trust aims to:

  • Develop and manage a strategy for heritage for Central Otago which includes its natural, man made and cultural heritage.

  • Facilitate the identification and preservation of local heritage through community projects and business and individual partnerships.

  • Collaborate with, and where appropriate, co-ordinate such agencies, groups and individuals in the development of heritage related activities as wall as advance the promotion and protection of heritage in Central Otago.

  • Provide places and spaces for heritage expression.

  • Without restricting the scope of the above, the Trust shall source, use and distribute funding to:

    • Enable the identification and recording of key themes, stories, significant sites, buildings and objects that reflects Central Otago’s heritage places and spaces of significance.

    • Facilitate the protection, preservation, development and interpretation of such themes, sites and objects consistent with the principles of the ICOMOS NZ Charter.

    • Promote Central Otago’s heritage for the enjoyment of Central Otago residents and domestic and international visitors.

    • Facilitate research, discussion, education and interchange of information related to Central Otago’s heritage.

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