Butlers Farm, Fruitlands

Butlers farm, Fruitlands. Artefacts from the 0 CENTRAL OTAGO ______________________________________________________________________________ Homestead April 2010. Gillies + Associates.

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Butlers Farm Artefacts

 by OGHT
Butler’s Farm (also referred to as Obelisk Station) is located in the area known as
Fruitlands, just off State Highway 8 between Alexandra and Roxborough. The
physical address for the site is 1151 Alexandra-Fruitlands Road.
The complex is set back somewhat from the road and consists of a number of
different buildings: the original main dwelling house, the original outbuildings, and a
modern bungalow. In addition, several gates, fences, water races etc, relating to the
original site survive. The buildings are currently undergoing an extensive renovation.
The site is registered with the NZ Historic Places Trust, Register No. 3240, Category
1. A Category 1 registration is the highest level of rating given by NZHPT, and is
taken to refer to the building or site in its entirety, including interiors, exteriors and
site context.
The site is recorded as an archaeological site by NZAA. Reference number G42/249.
As such all requirements of the Historic Places Act and the Resource Management
Act relating to archaeological sites should be strictly complied with. As part of this
process, an archaeological assessment has been prepared by Dr. Angela Middleton,
and an archaeological authority has been granted by the NZHPT.

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Butlers Farm, Fruitlands

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